Research Portfolio/Cartera de proyectos de investigación

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“A timely work … The illustrations Maitland uses to bolster her arguments, from memes to Greek mythology and Star Trek, serve to make her arguments more accessible to those approaching the subject from outside of translation studies … This book ought to be of interest to all translation scholars, as well as researchers in other fields seeking a reliable perspective on cultural translation and wishing to apply it to their own research”

Caleb Keown, New Voices in Translation Studies

“I have been waiting for this book. Not only does it grapple with one of the most vexing questions in translation studies – what is cultural translation? – but it asks us to imagine new ways to engage with people unlike ourselves in an age where we are defined by the borders we cross. Sarah Maitland recognizes the limits of translation’s utopian dream, but she asks us to strive toward that dream nonetheless”.

Kyle Conway, Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication, University of Ottawa, Cand

Reviews of What is Cultural Translation?

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