Culture in translation: The case of British Pathé News – New article by Sarah Maitland available online

I’ve just published a new article based on my research into translation as a form of political representation, abstract below:

At the risk of serving and betraying two masters, the intellectual and practical work of the translator is best characterized as an ethical problem: to navigate our anxieties of otherness by making difference accessible while also protecting the ‘other’ from appropriation. This article locates these concerns within the context of international motion picture news production, during which the need to make far-off people, events, and cultural practices accessible to audiences at home suggests a similar translation process. Using Paul Ricoeur’s notion of ‘linguistic hospitality’ as its point of entry, it maintains that as cultural translations engaged in the description and explanation of frames of reference different to those of the spectator, newsreels took their audiences on an intercultural journey of discovery, bridging both the physical and the metaphorical gulf that separated them from the images projected on their cinema screens and the experience of life elsewhere. By placing this discussion within the concrete practice of British Pathé News, this article advances a powerful example of not only the complex intercultural negotiations that exist at the heart of newsreel production as a form of cultural translation but also the ways in which these negotiations echo across our relationship to otherness more generally.

PhD scholarships in Translation up for grabs at University of Hull

The University of Hull is offering 13 full-time UK/EU PhD Scholarship or International Fees Bursaries for candidates applying for the areas within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (see the link below for details).

Within the area of Translation Studies, we would be very interested in supporting strong candidates for an interdisciplinary research proposal on ‘the role of translators and/or interpreters in international business and management’.

For further details on this specific proposal, please get in touch with John Blenkinsopp ( and Sarah Maitland (

Why poster presentations are a good thing for Translation students

So I’m at the 7th Congress of the European Society for Translation Studies in Germersheim this week and have been reflecting on the art of the poster presentation – what a clever way of encouraging researchers to hone their research questions, question their methodologies and generally consider how we can communicate the aims and results of our research to a range of audiences.