I love the theatre.

And I love translating theatre. Why? Because I believe bringing foreign theatre to the local stage enables us to dig deep into the complexities of human relationships, revealing universal themes and reminding us that sometimes the most relevant of messages can be brought from outside.

The complex challenges of language and culture in translating theatre means reaching out to other cultures to share views and re-examine who we are and the message we are sharing.

All theatre – whether foreign or local – is about shaking us up: challenging our received ideas and causing us to take a critical look at ourselves and the societies in which we live.

My theatre translation work in detail

I specialise in translating contemporary Spanish theatre for performance in English, and have worked with a range of top playwrights to translate and adapt their work for performance on the English-language stage. A range of my translations have been published and are available on commercial release, and my most recent work has been read at the Unicorn and New Diorama theatres in London, Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance in Kent and the Brian Friel Theatre in Belfast.

My approach to translation

My approach to translation is all about meeting the needs of performance through a close collaboration with the artistic direction and stage production teams. I maintain a close relationship with playwrights to bring their vision to the stage in a way that engages local audiences.

The dull bit.

I’m a professionally-trained translator and interpreter with an MSc in Translation and Technology from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. Outside of the theatre, I have worked as a translator and interpreter in New York, London and Madrid and have developed an exceptional reputation for high-quality translations for the international development, private, NGO and voluntary sectors.

My clients have included the United Nations Development Programme, BBC Northern Ireland, World Federation of United Nations Associations, Global Peacebuilders and CPSR-Peru.

I’m a frequent speaker on the translation and cultural circuit and if you want to stalk me a bit more you can find my work on Doolee, Out of the Wings and for commerical sale at Caos Editorial.

But, enough about me

Tell me about you! If you’re an artistic director, playwright or interested in hearing more about what I do, why not say hello!